Hey, Visit Japan

Sept 24, 2016
Let me share photos and links to my favorite places that I have found in Japan. Forewarning, many websites don't have an English version. You can use Google Chrome for easy translation.

New shops near Kanda station with lots
of interesting & fun items

Kappabashi is my favorite place for kitchen goods

Quantity & variety of goods in Kappabashi

This is not a restaurant, it is a shop that sells the plastic food
 that is shown in front of restaurants. One shop also has classes to
teach you how to do this.

Goods for making soba noodles

These are now a tourist attraction in Asakusa
Sorry, old guys need not apply for the job

Another great place to visit near Asakusa is the stationery shop where you can
customize your own notebook. You can choose the front and back cover designs
as well as choose the inside paper. If you are a stationery lover, this store is a must visit.

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